The Magic of the Soul Light Pictures

It is a striking fact, that time and again a Soul Light Picture emerges - and a little bit later, it shows up in another form, for example in a photo. 

"Janina paints the future into existence. Her paintings come to be in the physical." 
Kassia Golden, intuitive, globally recognized business/personal consultant

 June 2016: Sketch/First Version of the "Magdalena of Mercy with the sheltering cloak"

June 2016: Without knowing the picture that has just been created, this photo occures on the other hemisphere of the earth in Vermont/USA. 
Photo: Joanne Delabruere.

2013/2018: "Mary Magdalene II - Light Portal", futher evolved version of 2018; the first version showed up already in 2013.

October 2019: View out of a window in the Himalayan Mountains in India.
Foto: Peter Köninger

 August 2019: "Fairy of Fire and Dragons" - the first Soul Light Picture that includes so many different colours. 

September 2019: A dress that my SoulSister Kassia took with her from a thrift store, without knowing the "Fairy of Fire and Dragons" and although such a multi-coloured dress actually isn't her style.

 August 2019: "Diamond of the sun"

September 2019: A most beautiful backlight shot in the Black Forest/Germany with colours and a pattern, I've never seen before in a backlight photo.
Photo: Irmgard Roth